How my dream of being a business coach for women become real with Fempire — Blog | Samantha Morris

Wanting to be a business coach was not something I was conscious of. I didn’t even realise it was a “thing” and I have been in business for many years. I knew I loved to help people in business, especially those that were starting a new business, or really stuck in the one they had. It was fun and I did it willingly, not realising that this was something that I could do professionally.

I did not know I had this dream of working with women in business until one day it appeared. I was lost and looking for that thing that was going to finally make me ME! I already owned a successful business and was asked to help a number of people with their business because they saw what I could do. I did not know that this was the start of something. I knew it was something that I loved doing, that I seemed to be good at, but I didn’t know that it was something that people actually did.

I made a promise to myself. I was raising five children and set myself the goal of achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Business. I had the experience, I felt I also needed that piece of paper to show people that I knew what I was doing.

Why did I get a Degree in Business?

Because a recruiting agent told me my skills were stale. That 16 years was too long to spend doing the same thing, especially after 12 doing the same thing before that. Really? That’s what a HR expert saw in me? It was a massive blow to my ego that brought me to my knees. My level of self worth hit the floor.

My husband wasn’t happy with me taking on study. We were very busy people already and now I was spending my nights studying. I felt I had to justify myself by stating with conviction that once I had my degree I would be able to get an amazing job! That upset my husband even more. We have our business together, a beautiful home, children to drive to sport, part time jobs, to friends houses — isn’t that enough? Why did I need more?

I was filled with guilt. What I had should have been enough.

My head kept telling me to be grateful. My heart ached. There were parts of me that had been put on hold to have babies, put on hold to help my husband build our business (not my passion) and I found that I was unhappy and starting to just burn bridges. I was sabotaging myself and my marriage without realising why.

Determined to keep my word I began to explore my options in the job market AND secretly options for myself. I found myself sitting in Melbourne one Saturday morning waiting to see Marnie LeFevre. The ad had said she was APAC Business Woman of the Year and she had a number 1 selling book, so she must be worth the time right? If not, I had escaped on my own to the city for the day — win win.

My First Fempire Experience

My military background has me very uncomfortable with being late. As a Mum I know it happens, but it makes me anxious. So I sat there, arriving early, watching women come and register. There was an energy. It made me happy and feel relaxed in a way I hadn’t experienced.

We moved into the room and Marnie hit the stage. It was incredible. It was like that part of me that was always missing suddenly put its hand up and said here I am. I wanted to be her. I wanted to move people, help people, inspire people, just like Marnie did that day.


Originally published at on June 21,2021



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