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Starting a business or working from home can be exciting if you create an environment that gets your creative juices flowing. Creating the ultimate work zone at home and you can really optimise your productivity — and let’s be real here, you want to be highly productive. But what do you need in your office for your new business?

Walking into my new home office is such a pleasure now. Mind you, I did leave the mess in the spare bedroom where my office used to be. Having your workspace set up for productivity instead of stress can make a huge difference to the way you approach your day.

In my bright and uncluttered space I feel very calm and able to start working on all the tasks I have set for myself. My husband “cleaned up” the other day and dumped a few things on my desk that did not belong and honestly, I was quite unsettled when I saw it!

Weird right? It was just a few odds and ends and yet my peace was jolted out of existence. As a Business Coach I need to help women find their magic and make it grow in business, how can I do that if I am not feeling my own magic? So I feel like having the right setting for focus is essential.

As I stated in my article, I like to make sure my desk is in order at the end of each day, with everything where it should be so I can find it when needed, so that I walk into serenity each morning.

So where should you put your home office?

Depending on your house and family, your home office needs to fit two main criteria. It needs to be a space that you can work in separately. For this reason alone, using the kitchen table during the day and packing up so the family can eat their evening meal is not ideal at all. This space needs to be one in which you put on your “work hat”.

The other consideration here is noise. You want to try and be away from the hustle and bustle of life — especially during a lockdown. Whether your work is noisy or you need quiet, separating yourself means being able to focus without thinking that you might be disturbed, or someone might be disturbing you.

How to set up your home office.

Let’s talk about function and form here. Your workspace needs to be a space where you can spread yourself out to work. That might mean space for physical movement, lots of materials, or just space for a laptop. It really does depend on what business you are in. Think carefully about what you will need in the coming year, not just now. Will you need to have clients come to your home, will you need to set up a studio, will you be making a mess? The way you set up your office needs to take into account how you work, how you move and how much room you will have to do it all in.


Originally published at on June 14, 2021.



Business Coach | Sharing business knowledge with women.

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Business Coach | Sharing business knowledge with women.