This personalized coaching program has a very specific aim: RESULTS.

Possibilities and Priorities for Powerful Women In Business

My name is Samantha Morris and I am a business coach with Fempire International. When I tell women my job title, I’ve found that whilst some are interested in working with me right away, many are curious as to what I actually offer. I’m hoping to dispel some confusion here and now. I have broken this article down to brass tacks. Let’s not waste each other’s time here. You want me to answer the basic questions without sounding like a politician justifying their behavior in parliament.

What do business coaches offer?

A business coach offers a port of accountability and expertise for your business. Just like a personal trainer for fitness, we assess where you are currently and your goals — and I use my business experience to guide and empower you to reach your aspirations. A business coach isn’t a one size fits all proposition. We all have our own areas of expertise, our own ways of doing things and of course we shouldn’t work with anyone for the sake of having clients.

I can help you to:

  • Understand your business financials
  • Understand social media and marketing
  • Know why you are in business
  • Make money
  • Get your business to run itself

How much does a business coach cost?

Cost can be a big perceived barrier for potential clients. Whilst there are different levels of coaching for different financial capacities, I always remind potential clients of the exponential value of making smarter business decisions. A better question to ask is what return will I get on my investment. You don’t go down to your local University and ask then to justify the cost of their MBA program, you think about the potential it will give you later on. The same goes with coaching. If you want to know the cost it will be your time, if you want to know the value it can be exponential.

Business coaching can range from a $499 business booster (an intensive, one month, one on one coaching package), to 12–18 month packages which depend on which stage of business you are at. If you’d like a quote more specifically around your needs, contact me and I can have that chat with you — obligation free, of course.

How do I choose a business coach?

This is a great question to ask — because it’s important that you and your coach are a match. It’s smart to contact coaches, and ask them questions! Get a feel for their style, the way they’ll approach the relationship; and make sure you’re aware of what you need.

If you need a little inspiration around it, you could start with the three styles of coaching. These are:
1. Autocratic coaching — a coach that has a clear vision regarding what needs to be accomplished by the client, and holds the client accountable to perform.

2. Democratic coaching — a coach that facilitates goal setting, allowing clients to shape their own goals and maintain autonomy, whilst holding them accountable to reach those goals.

3. Holistic coaching — less focused on structure or goals, the holistic coach makes space for an environment where clients feel comfortable enough to explore and pursue goals at their own space.

Few coaches fall into one style, but if I had to align with one, it’d be democratic! My focus is on empowering women, and then holding them accountable to their own goals. Even if it’s not within this framework, hopefully this outline gets you thinking about what kind of coaching you need — so that you can simply ask the potential coach if they match.

What makes a great coach in business?

There’s the obvious one; business savvy and experience. But for me, more importantly, is the ability to connect and foster trust with business owners. It is my belief that to be a great coach, I must treat every woman as an individual business owner and really individualise my approach with her. I want to maximise the value of our interactions, and also maximise her chance at success. Women aren’t cookie cutter versions of each other, we all have individual strengths and weaknesses — and a great coach will be able to spot that, and facilitate success from that space.

What makes a successful business woman?

A successful woman has the idea, the drive, and the support network. To me, that is the holy trinity of the successful business woman. I align myself with Fempire because they offer that trinity. Success needs to be individually defined. It means something different for everyone and the thought that one secret, one formula, one system that can be copied by anyone doesn’t sit well.

I spent 12 years in the Navy. I was governed by rules and regulations. What I learned was that interpretation and creativity can flourish within frameworks. I believe there is too much focus on what you can’t do, rather than working out what you can do. Fempire teaches a framework, but it is within that framework that we individualise the outcomes, develop the rulebook and define what to reach for.

I get it. I too am sucked in by the headlines of finding out what the secret is — and I am constantly disappointed. I wonder if someone has figured out something that I haven’t. The secret is that you just don’t know how to do things yet. The fundamentals of business are not that hard. We have a habit of overcomplicating and overthinking things.

Successful women in business are able to align themselves with others that help them stay focused, keep them moving forward and make their own playbook. To be a successful woman in business, well the Spice Girls sang it perfectly “Tell me what you want, what you really really want”. Knowing that will drive everything else so get vulnerable and ask yourself that question — then be brutally honest with your answer.


Originally published at on May 31, 2021.



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