You Know Your Slogan is Important — But Do You Know How to Write One? — Samantha Morris

Your slogan or tagline is one of the most important parts of your branding. It needs to be catchy enough to grab attention in a crowded market. However, many people don’t know what mistakes they are making when designing a tagline for their business. Do you know how to write a great slogan that grabs the attention of your target market?

For the past three years, I have been a Fempire Business Coach. But times change, and that is why sometimes a business must rebrand. That is the process I am currently going through as I develop a partnership with a fellow Fempire Business Coach, Treah Knight.

A rebrand for us meant creating a new slogan/tagline. The process for creation that we followed meant that we focused on who our target audience is, what we want our brand to represent, and what we felt would resonate with the women we are trying to reach. As business coaches, as women, we wanted to tackle the thinking that women must balance work and life in equal measure. This is the thinking that has led so many to burnout.

So how do we communicate this in a tagline?

Here are our Top 6 Tips for Creating Your Tagline

Using vague words or phrases

For example, using “more” when your product or service business offers only one thing. One of the most common mistakes people make when using text is using words that don’t have anything to do with the product. Ensure you are being specific and referential to your product.

Using an acronym instead of a word

For example, using “LOL” instead of Laugh Out Loud. Acronyms are great shortcuts for writing but often come across as less formal. Unfortunately, this often leads to mistakes such as using LOL instead of Laugh Out Loud. It seems like not a lot of care has gone into the business idea, instead, think about the way that the entire sentence sounds.

Relying on humour to get laughs rather than providing value for customers

Humour is a great tool to get customers to laugh or feel better. However, if customers are laughing at your jokes instead of appreciating your product or service, then the joke has backfired. Make sure that your humour is relevant and not just cheesy.

Using clichés, buzzwords, and jargon

Example: “Another day, another dollar.” It seems unoriginal and just like the acronym, not a lot of care or thought has gone into the business. Instead, try and think about your point of difference — what phrase comes to mind?

Being too specific

Example: “We cut your hair”. We get it, but what’s different about you? And doesn’t limit you?

Being overly negative or too positive

Example: “The best in the world”. You shouldn’t undermine your quality, but using hyperbole comes across as dishonest in marketing. It’s why any ‘best’ claims, are often marketed when a business wins an award or poll.

So what did we come up with?

Bring Business to Life

Our target audience is female startups. As we both come from service backgrounds, with Treah being a cardiac nurse, we wanted our slogan to be something that connected in more than one way.

Yes I know it is four words, however, the use of the word ‘to’ is a bridging word and is not considered part of the count.

When you craft your slogan or tagline, isolate your own emotional connection to your business and think about the connection you want your target market to have, follow our tips, and really think carefully before you get out there with that kich one-liner that really makes people cringe.

Originally published at on April 26, 2022.



Business Coach | Sharing business knowledge with women.

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Business Coach | Sharing business knowledge with women.